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Frequently Asked Questions

For Paint Parties, does everyone have to all paint the same item (ie-canvas, signs or wine glasses) and/or image?

Yes! For groups larger than 8 painters.  Everyone paints the same item/image.  We require this to provide our guests a quality and relaxing painting experience.

For groups under 6 painters, everyone needs to paint the same type of item (canvas, glassware or signs) but could be different images.  We require a list of painters and what image they are painting prior to the event. The instructor will have everything set up and ready for your your group.

What is the difference between Fine Art Classes and Paint Parties?

Paint pARTy 

  • one time/one designated image

  • predrawn image/template

  • no drawing skills needed

  • step by step guided instruction

  • mainly acrylic paints

Fine Art Classes

  • structured course

  • learn to draw and the fundamentals of art- line, value, shape, form, color theory

  • formal instruction by professional artists and/or the opportunity to work on own projects

  • explore other mediums-watercolor, pastel, pen, graphite

When is the studio open?

We do not have set studio hours. We are at the studio when we have classes or scheduled events. We can be available to meet you at the studio by appointment.

What are your times for scheduling events?

For private parties, we are available for scheduling 7 days of the week.  Refer to our Paint Party page.

For other events, please see our Studio/virtual events and classes page.

Do you sell food/beer/wine?

We do not sell or serve food, nonalcoholic beverages, beer, and wine. BUT you can bring your own food, nonalcoholic beverages, beer, and wine.

What should I wear?

We can't guarantee that you will not get paint on you and it does not wash out so dress accordingly. We do provide aprons.

Do You travel offsite

Limited to large groups. We bring all the painting supplies including aprons, easels and table cloths. You supply the space, tables and chairs. Travel fee may be charged depending on distance. 

What is the cancellation policy?

We ask that you to give us 48 hours notice if you need to cancel. Cancellations should be made by phone (603) 898-8800 or by emailing us at This provides us the opportunity to fill the space. We are sorry, but we cannot give refunds or issue credits for no shows.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds 48 hours prior to scheduled class. We are sorry but we cannot give refunds or issue credits for no shows.

What is the privacy Policy?

Paint pARTy is committed to safeguarding customer information. Since your privacy is a priority to us, we will not share nonpublic information about you with third parties.

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